Amazon Pantry is a scam

Amazon India should stop including Pantry products in Prime search results

Amazon Pantry on paper sounds like an interesting product. Typically, Amazon India would ship products individually from an order consisting of multiple products from different warehouses to maximize efficiency. Under Pantry, all the ordered products are bundled together in a single shipment and delivered the next day (on paper). This is a great option for folks who like to order their monthly groceries in the first week of the month. Not so much for someone like me who order products as and when I run out of stock at my place.

This was not a big problem until recently because Pantry shipments were free for Prime customers.

They no longer are.

Prime users are now charged Rs. 20 for Pantry order of value under Rs. 599. Rs. 599 incidentally is the threshold for free delivery on Amazon India for non-Prime users.

Amazon Prime product page clearly indicates that Prime branded products are shipped free of cost. I love this feature and I have been paying for Prime for more than a year now.

As you can see, Pantry by definition does not meet the requirements of Prime. Problem is, Amazon India thinks otherwise.

Search for a grocery product on Amazon India and turn on Prime filtering. Amazon inconveniently include Pantry products in the search results causing a lot of nuisance.

You can clearly see in this image that Amazon Prime is selected, Amazon Pantry is not. Yet Amazon Pantry products are the top results.

Even if your combined order goes above Rs. 599, you are still required to pay Rs. 20 for Pantry products because the two carts are separate and Amazon India requires you to have products worth Rs. 599 in the Pantry cart.

This is clearly a scammy behavior and I am not very amused with it.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that Amazon has been slowly moving lots of grocery items to Pantry. They are just not available under Prime. Which means that you might no longer be able to order products (you have been long ordering for free) with free delivery unless you add enough products to the Pantry cart to cross the Rs. 599 threshold. This has been happening a lot with me lately. Amazon is practically pushing me to buy locally because Prime deliveries that should have been free no longer are.

Just yesterday, I needed to order 500gm of Solimo Almonds. Solimo is Amazon’s own brand but the 500gm variant of the product was only available under Pantry. My option was to either pay Rs. 20 or add more products only available under Pantry to the order to cross Rs. 599 requirement. I ended up buying locally. This is not an optimal scenario when I have a lot of money saved up in Amazon Pay which is locked with the company.

I could have ordered 2 units of 250gm packet but that would have costed me Rs. 558 instead of Rs. 449 for the 500gm packet under Pantry

You can clearly see that Amazon is using Pantry as an excuse to block free shipments for Prime customers. People pay for Prime expecting free shipping on all products (at least listed under Prime) but some of us are noticing that it no longer works for grocery products. This needs to be fixed. Send your complaint to Amazon India through Twitter, Facebook and Amazon Support.