Atomberg Technologies is a freaking joke

My first order with them and they sent me a mixture of brown colored motor with white colored blades.

My second order with them and they sent the package without a remote in it. Remote is essential to operating the fan so it is unusable out of the box. I cannot use the fan till it arrives.

In both cases, I had to return the package. The end result is that I still do not have a replacement fan for mom’s room after 10 days of the first order.

PS: I am not alone. Seller reviews on Amazon makes it clear that they have done this before. Multiple users have reported that they got the wrong color or a mixture of color. Some users got used parts in their order. For a fan that costs upwards of Rs. 3000, the least Atomberg can do is to make sure that the product is packaged properly with right colors and all components. How hard can it be!