Be very careful with the Mobikwik Wallet Cashback Schemes

I have been trying to reduce my credit card transactions and virtual wallets are turning out to be great solutions.

Too bad Amazon and Flipkart does not accept them right now but for most other stores having a virtual wallet on services like Mobikwik and Paytm is very handy.

Just transfer a couple of thousand rupees in these wallets and make small purchases instantly. It’s quite fast as there is no need for OTP verification and refunds are instant too.

The best part are the deals that are available to you as a customer. All of these companies have been quite aggressive. Mobikwik Wallet however has been the hottest player in the field.

They have cashback ranging from 5–15% on a lot of stores and this makes them a very tempting platform to use for online purchases.

I started using them a few weeks ago and realized that all is not well with the company. Promised cashbacks only arrive for few of the transactions. You can get a few more processed by sending them emails. But eventually, you would end up with transactions that simply are not handled properly.

I have had a few such transactions in the recent past and I have been trying to get an answer from the company. And yesterday I got one. They basically said that the offer I am looking to avail was not available on the day I made the transaction.

I looked through their social feeds and a lot of content seems to have just disappeared. There is no online database that you can access to look at past deals. So unless you have preserved their social media posts that highlight the offers, you might find yourself out of luck in getting the deals that were advertised to you.

A few members of the India Broadband Forum confirms that I am not alone. The company has a habit of misplacing the cashback mails. In some cases, they even outright lie about cashback refunds.

So here is a message for you all. Be very careful about the deals that Mobikwik promises you. Keep a record of the offer. Take a snapshot. If possible, archive their posts on Internet Archive platform (Twitter allows it but Facebook blocks it I think) and keep an eye on your statements to see if any cashback is not processed properly.

PS: Here is a bookmarklet you can use to archive the web page you are on instantly:

Social account links to keep an eye on for latest offers:

MobiKwik — Google+
MobiKwik (@MobiKwik) | Twitter

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