Grocermax knows how to annoy the hell out of their customers

You see the popup? This is what I get when I load their website, try to place an order, make a payment, or anything else that can be done on an online store.

The company is so desperate for you to refer them to your friends that they have made it obscenely painful for you to use their website at all.

The problem is magnified by the fact that they have a fucked up mobile app that just does not like to work. Forget placing an order, it does not even let me log-in.

Also if you do try to load their website, you would feel like you are accessing the internet on a dial-up internet connection. It is just so slow. And for some reason, they decided that italics was great formatting to have for searched keywords. I can go on and on about stuff that is wrong with their website but that’s a tale for another day.

PS: They were unable to deliver two products from my order so they refunded the money. To their own credit account. Not to my original payment source. How many things can one company get wrong? A lot apparently. If you are Grocermax.

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