So I did the Decathlon Gurgaon opening ride to Pedalers Village

This was my first group ride on the cycle and it was kind of fun. The ride took its toll on my body and it is amazing that I can still walk. People were friendly and even encouraging when I was struggling to ride on the inclines. I was the last to reach the venue (Pedalers Village) and amongst the last to reach back to Decathlon. But it was still amazing.

Had some close shaves with cars driving past… uncomfortably close without any good reason as the roads were wide. At one point of time I must be doing above 35kmph because of the slope and a car breezed past me close enough to shake my entire body. Looking at Strava data, I touched a peak speed of 42.8kbph today! It was incredible.

I have to admit that I covered some distance on foot when I just could not get the bike to climb on inclines. But still… I am quite proud of myself. But not proud of these terrible selfies I took at the village.

I am surprised that Somanshu let me took these photos!
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