Windows 10 is just as stupid as Windows 8

I have written about how I wasted more than a day trying to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10 few months ago. It kept on failing without indicating the reason for it. Eventually I realized that it was because I had set the Windows Temp folder at a non-default location. Once I set it back, the upgrade was successful and quite fast thanks to SSD on my PC.

Windows 10 got a major update this week. I have been going through the same issues. It downloaded fine but installation failed. I tried multiple times to realize that it just was not working.

Realized that I had set the TEMP folder away from the default location after the upgrade to Windows 10. So I set it to default position again and boom… The update just installed without a glitch.

Incredibly stupid behaviour from Windows 10 considering there is a proper UI to let me change the location of the TEMP directory.

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